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Free Infographic: 3 Essentials For Avoiding

Costly Contract Disputes

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Avoiding Costly Contract Disputes

Your Free infographic has been created by Business First Network, a nationwide organisation whose primary purpose is to help Business Owners gain access to the best legal, tax, employment and health and safety advice in the UK. 

We’re providing you with this infographic to help you take the first step in protecting your business from potential disputes and to demonstrate what we do for our members.

In Your Free Infographic - 3 Essentials For Avoiding

Costly Contract Disputes You Will Discover:

The key steps to drafting a contract

Why you should never rely on a
verbal agreement

Why keeping it simple is key

How to make sure you’re dealing
with the right person

The key terms to include in a contract to avoid becoming embroiled in disputes

A glossary of ‘need to know’ contractual terms

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